Effective Ways To Preventing and Treating Diaper Rash In Toddlers at Home

If you have baby at home, you need to keep many things in your mind to keep him safe and happy. Babies mostly get diaper rash because their skin is wrapped in a moist, warm surroundings for long period of time. These red rashes can also be appeared by allergies to soaps, diapers, detergents, or due to wrong or expired skin care products, and the indications typically comprise redness, skin inflammation and itching. No need to worry here, I have gathered some effective ways to prevent and treat diaper rash in toddlers at home. Lets have a look and solve take care of baby’s skin in effective way.

How Does Diaper Rash Look Like?

If you spot diaper area looks red and inflames, it is time to take action. After touching it, if you feel warm and puffy, diaper rash could be mild. If you notice a couple of thorny red marks in a bum area or wide, with warm red bumps that appear on your baby’s upper thighs and tummy, don’t ignore these marks and immediately take action or consult doctor.

Causes of Diaper Rash

The main cause for diaper rash is wetness due to pee and poop in the diaper gathered for long. Even the most amazing diaper leaves some wetness on the baby’s private’s delicate skin. It makes it tougher for baby’s skin to work like a fence, which makes skin inflamed and red. A baby left inside an unclean diaper for too long time is more prone to create the diaper rash. Though, it might also beat the private of babies with for the most delicate skin, still when they’ve many fresh diapers.

Baking Soda

Baking soda reduces the effect the acids that grounds diaper rash. It also helps to keep skin dry and germ free to avert infection. Procedure: • Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to lukewarm bath water. • Give sits bath to baby for 10 minutes. • Give your baby bath for three times a day to prevent diaper rash.


It soothes skin by neutralizing the acids that grounds diaper rash. Procedure: • Take a cotton ball to apply Maalox directly to your baby’s skin before putting on a fresh diaper or inner wear. • Let it dry and then dress the baby in loose clothes.


Urine can irritate the skin and can burn the skin with protracted environment. It balances the skin’s acid-alkaline ratio to cure and treat diaper rash. Procedure: • If you use cloth diapers, wash cloth diapers with water and add ½ cup of vinegar • If you use disposable diaper then mix it on the ratio of 1(vinegar): 8(water) and apply to baby skin when you change diapers. • Repeat regularly to prevent and treat diaper rash.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps to fight against fungus, yeast, and bacteria, and it softens and soothes the skin. Procedure: • Whenever you change your baby’s diaper clean baby privates with lukewarm water and wait let it dry for few minute. • Apply coconut oil to the skin.


It is very good in soaking excess moisture off the skin while softening and soothing. Procedure: • Before bathing add 2 teaspoons of dry oatmeal. • Keep the baby in water for 5-7 minutes. • Dry the baby thoroughly. • Dress the baby in loose clothes and diaper. • You can also apply cream suggested by doctor. • Makes sure that the cream dries completely before wearing

Olive Oil

Olive oil makes a wall between skin and the bacteria in urine and feces. Procedure: 1. Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 2 teaspoons water. 2. Mix until you get a thick texture. 3. Apply directly to skin and wait until it get dry 4. Optional: mix lavender oil or vitamin E oil into the olive oil and water solution.