Kid Bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' Is All Grown Up Now! Has He Been Hitting The Gym?

Do you remember about the kid with perfect physique of a veteran bodybuilder whose photographs became too much viral on the Internet? Well, many people out there thought them to be photoshopped as such a small kid can’t have such a perfect physique lifting all heavyweights. These pictures majorly illustrated Richard Sandrak lifting heavy weights when he was hardly out of diapers.

Lately, Richard has turned 24 years old. Do you want to know what he is up to these days? Read on to find out.

This is one of the original photos of Richard that went circulated on the Internet.

At that point of time, Richard was hardly six years old.

In 1992, Richard was born in Ukraine.

Richard along with his parents

As per the reports, his father, Pavel was a martial arts world champion and mother, Lena an aerobics instructor respectively. The family decided to relocate to the United States when Richard was 2-year-old.

Richard's parents gave their son a complete body workout regime.

It began with stretching and aerobics but quickly proceeded to light weight full body training.

After relocating to California, the Sandraks came across a trainer.

The Sandraks desired to get their son into show business, so they signed up with a trainer Frank Giardina to help Richard gain muscle and cherish fame in his early childhood days.

Richard showed progress quickly.

At the age of six, he could do easily do bench-press 180 pounds. After two years, he increased to 210. When Richard's photos became viral on the Internet, they stirred an intense debate.

Unquestionably, his strength and physique were remarkable, criticizers marveled if it was really all right for parents to drive their kids to these limits. Unluckily, Richard's childhood was not an optimistic and upbeat story.

He never had a normal childhood like others

Richard's dad pressed him hard to make him do around hundreds of reps each and every day. Unlike most children, he was never allowed to relish junk food or candies.

When Richard turned 11 years old, his dad went to prison for beating up his wife.

At this instant, Richard left bodybuilding. But the story doesn't end there – scroll down more to find out what he is up to these days.

Richard is no longer into bodybuilding, but he has maintained a great physique nonetheless.

Instead of powerlifting, he puts in more efforts on the cardio workout to keep himself fit.

He has a remarkable job, too.

These days, Richard is working as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood. He expressed that as per him getting set on the fire and leaping from platforms less nerve-racking than the competitive bodybuilding course.

He says he doesn't shame his past.

"I'm definitely full of pride of my past. It's not somewhat I don't want people to know, it's just that I’m not going to be stuck living in it,” he expressed to the Inside Edition.

Here is the video of Richard Sandrak, the former Little Hercules: