7 Awesome Fashion Hacks Everyone Needs To Know Today!

In today’s fast pacing world where we want everything in a blink of second, sometimes we have to compromise on your choices.

Whoa, man! When you have some DYI hacks, what is the need to compromise?

Yes, Today I have come with some exclusive fashion hacks that you will love to incorporate in your daily life. They are smart, quick, easy to apply, and makes you look fabulous. So here, we go...

Give a new look to your dull Jeans

As there is a saying, excess of anything is bad, it applies to the washing of jeans. The less you wash your jeans, the more life it has. However, need not to worry, if you have been washing out your jeans too often then stop doing. But what about the loss you have done to your jeans??? Well, keep your jeans in the freezer and de-freeze them. And here you go, your fresh and new jeans is ready.

Fix your Bra strap

Do you still hide your bra strap by adjusting your bra strap, underneath your tank top? If you do, stop doing that. I am not asking you to buy any magical bra for you. Simply fix your bra straps with the help of a paper pin. Yeah! Join both of your bra strips using a paper pin and there you go! YOU are ready to rock your racer back dress or tank top.

How to fix Oil Stain

What if you are getting ready for a date or an interview and you spoiled your white dress or a shirt with oil stain? Apply some baby powder on the stain and skadoosh! Oil stain is gone. Isn’t that a great hack?

What about Wine stain?

Simply apply some salt on the wine stain and you will see a magic. The salt will soak up all the wine and you will be ready to flaunt your dress again.

Lipstick hack

Are you tired of lipstick touch ups? Apply your favourite shade of lipstick, place a tissue paper over it, and dab some baby powder on it. I am sure girls will love this DIY tip for long lasting lipstick.

How to Tired of Ripped jeans? Try this...

Give a new look to your old ripped jeans by stitching the ripped parts of your old jeans using floral designs. It will give you a perfect new look. So what are you waiting for? Try all these hacks, and set a trend in your group.

How to get curly hair instantly (without curler)

If you have a straightner then what is the need of buying curler or rushing for parlour. Create your own soft curls for the ravishing looks using your straightner.