Here's Why You Should Throw Off Your Loofah Right Now

After a long day at work, a shower with your favourite shower gel and loofah is all that you need to refresh your body and mind. While shower gel is good idea to get rid of dust and dirt from the skin, loofah is said work up on sluggish body and helps in removing dead skin cells. So like everyone else you too, might be using loofah every now and then to get that squeaky clean feel. But a study suggests that you should throw that loofah right away, read to find out why:

Loofah can scrub away the dirt and rejuvenate the body cells.

The soft texture of loofah smoothly lathers up the soap well on your body.

However according to experts, loofahs are not good for your skin.

Dermatologists point out that bacteria and yeast breed on the wet loofahs due to the moisture left out in them. The remains of water cause bacteria to deteriorate and result in yeast and molds.

These bacteria’s can cause boils, acne and can irritate your skin.

The damp loofahs are perfect for bacteria to breed on and this leads to infections on your skin.

Even if you hang the loofahs to dry out in the restroom, they don’t dry up completely. To dry the loofahs completely, they must be dried under the sun.

Loofah should be changed every month, apart from loofah, even body sponges are susceptible to bacteria. Hence experts recommend to get rid of those loofah and body sponges once they start smelling