'No Excuses' Mom Who Set Fitness Goals For Mothers Is Back Again

All those people who are conscious about their fitness must have heard the name of Maria Kang. Yes I am talking about the ‘no excuses’ mom who has been an inspiration to many. The fit and healthy Maria is a mother of three sons and this fitness advocate promotes healthy lifestyle for mothers through diet and exercise. Maria Kan started ‘no excuses mom movement in 2014’ and she is back again, breaking the internet once again with super fit self:

Maria Kang A Super Fit Mom

Maria Kang is a mother of 3, she had given birth in 2009, 2010 and 2011. This mother is an inspiration to many as she aims to stay fit and tells those mothers who have kids, having kids is no reason to miss on their fitness.

She Is An Inspiration To Many

Maria Kang inspires many young mothers to take care of their fitness and according to her becoming mother does not mean that they would not need to take care of their body fitness.

The Gorgeous Mom Who Never Gives Up

In her blog, recently Maria wrote about her separation from her husband, she said she was under a stress. But that did not stop this fitness freak mom to follow her dream.

She Had Rough Time

Maria said that she had a rough time because of her husband and the separation with her husband was brutal. She says she spent many months crying, had mental disturbances due to her separation but she has now got hold herself and her life.

For Her No Excuses Means No Excuses

Maria says she knows that there are times when life gets complicated and things don’t seem to fall in place but then this will not mean that you will ignore your fitness for it.

Maria Dealt With Depression And Eating Disorder

She has been through the ups and downs of life yet she goes on to motivate and educate people.

Maria Is True Winner

She thanks everyone for their support in her bad times. She dedicates her life to health and fitness. She firmly believes that no one should think about what the world thinks and should go ahead and do what’s best for them. She says women must come out of their comfort zone and take care of their fitness.