Most Creative And Unique Halloween Costume Ideas To Try This Year

As Halloween is close, the excitement amid everyone is increasing. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October in many countries by lighting bonfires and people wear catchy costumes, pretending to be someone they are not. Just like, fancy dress competitions when we were young. Have you decided your costume yet? Well, if you haven't here are some easy and well-suited costumes you should wear or make your kids wear or even your pets and everyone will look unique. Check them out and have fun!

The Little Red Riding Hood and the clever Fox. Who is looking better?

Rocket Raccoon costume is a must if your kid is comfortable to wear it.

Be Peter Pan and his shadow and it would make every little kid scream and everyone will be looking at you.

Now that's one scary costume! Who would you be? Girl or Apocalypse?

If you can stay still longer, you must try this one with friends!

Well, if you are not offended, maybe dress your adorable twins like this?

God! With a snake costume, no one is going to come near to you.

A face mask is an amazing way to troll all the little kids around.

This one is hilarious! Jon Snow White! All combined.

This is so adorable! Beauty and the Beast.