Try Out This New Hair Coloring Technique- 'Ombre'

You must have heard about highlights, global and ombre hair coloring techniques, but do you know which one is in high demand? Ombre hair technique is the one! It is a coloring effect in which the lower portion of your hair looks lighter than the upper portion. To get this beautiful look, it is important to bleach the lower hair locks of your hair.

 If you wish to prevent a flashy or orangey color, you can also dye the lower part of your hair after you have bleached it. So let’s know how to achieve this super cool effect.  

Say No To Parlors

Mostly people approach expensive hair dressers for coloring but why to spend so much money when same can be done at home? What you all require is a bowl where you can mix the color, the hair color and some of your friends for assistance. This method really needs some assistance, or you might not get the result you wish.

Products Required

You will need some hair dye and you can decide quantity according to your hair length. If your hairs are too long or thick, you may require more than one tube so choose accordingly. You need a hair brush for color application, a board where your friend will dye your hairs and if want to cover your hairs after coloring you need foil paper.


You have to lie down and keep your head on table or board, making sure that your hairs is falling on wooden board. You may require to color layer by layer your hair. So, use a hairpin or clutcher to hold the hair which is on your top, while your friend is dyeing the hair on your back part of the head. Once you have colored all layers of hair locks, pull the locks on your crown down, and dye it the same way you did the front of layers. You may choose layers as per your preferences too. If you wish only highlights, your friend must not color all of your hair with the same amount of hair dye. And if you wish ombre, your friend requires coloring only the bottom half of your hair. But essentially, this is the tactic. The option thing left with you to do is to try it out and get the perfect look at home!