Top 10 Female Bodybuilders With Biggest Biceps

When we talk about bodybuilders, the bicep guys are usually glorified and no one recalls these women who have also spent their years in forming the body. Women these days are proving that they are not behind in any field, be it body-building. We can't even head to the gym to keep our stomach toned but, here are few women who in few years have lined up to rock the body-building stage. 

Alina Popa

She is a staple of the IFBB pro circuit in recent years and has some amazing biceps which are rare to see on a woman.

Debi Laszewski

She is five-time podium finisher on the Ms. Olympia stage. She practiced bodybuilding and then returned to the grand stage in 2005 and achieved huge success.

Maryse Manios

She has a sheer mass on her arms and is quite a name in the body-building world.

Alina Popa

Did you ever think that a woman could have 17 inches biceps? Well, Alina here is a massive figure of the IFBB circuit, and she also has Arnold Classic runner-up medal to her name.

Gina Davis

Her biceps will give competition to any man who would be dreaming of achieving biceps like these.

Jana Linke-Sippl

Well, she belongs to the same place as Arnold Schwarzenegger does and she has some huge biceps of herself. Maybe she was inspired by him only.

Kashma Maharaj

Funny thing is, she is only 5'1" but endures astounding set of biceps and has vascular bellies with rare size.

Colette Guimond

This Canadian star has 19 inches bulge on her biceps, and it sure does look spectacular.

Isabelle Turell

Curling tree trunks in the forest, maybe? She looks so serious with that macho body of hers.

Aleesha Young

She is is one of the lucky giants of female bodybuilding, as she managed to retain much of her feminine looks despite of having great biceps.