10 Amazing Uses Of Toothpaste You Will Never Know, #7 Is Brilliant

So, you might be using toothpaste twice a day, if you have a proper oral hygiene or, you might be using it just once but there are many different used to it which can save you a lot of trouble. If you love to keep things clean and be organized, having a toothpaste is a must. Did you know that it does not just remove dirt from your teeth but other objects as well? It is time to start incorporating the use of toothpaste in household purposes also. Read all to know better:

Tarnished silver

If the silver is tarnished, you can use a brush to scrub toothpaste all over the metal and rinse it off.

Water spots

Water spots on the table can be easily wiped away using some toothpaste on a piece of cloth.

stains from hair dye

If you recently dyed your hair and the stains are all over your neck now, you can apply some toothpaste on your skin to get them removed.

Wipe your phone screen.

It does an excellent job on wiping your phone screen if it gets quite dirty.

Ink stains.

Apply the paste on any ink-stain on your shirt and let it dry. Wash away after a day and see amazing results that no other brand company could ever provide.

Clean your shoes.

After you have been on muddy roads, all you need to do it squeeze out some toothpaste and wipe it on your shoes, to get it cleaned.

Get rid of pimples.

Apply paste on your pimples and let it dry. Pimples will disappear on their own overnight, without you putting in any extra efforts.

Car lights

Apply toothpaste to a wet sponge and wipe it on your car lights. It will help you keep them clean.

Foggy swimming goggles.

If you clean your swimming goggles with some toothpaste, it will create a razor-thin film which will prevent them from fogging up again.

Piano keys

If you are a piano lover, the keys might get dirty time to time. All you need to do is apply toothpaste on a duster and it will remove the dirt away.