This Guy Hits His Girlfriend; Watch What He Gets In Return!

In huge temper, this guy tried to beat his girlfriend in a public area. Then, something very strange and wonderful happened, and it was all filmed on video. The clash started when her man started screaming charges that she had been cheating on him; in response, she was trying to break up with him.

This strange video is ruling Internet, where a man hits his girlfriend— Why? He did that, we don't know. Perhaps, it's because they are breaking up with each other. No matter what, you should to see THIS!

Fight get started, Where Boy is Blaming Her for Cheating On Him.

Clearly she seems Disappointed and He is Looking Very Frustrated by the Argument

Here Argument is getting worse! Boy's hand gestures Begin to get tossed around.

Here She got Intimation that He will Punch Her, She is Trying to Protect Her

Clearly, she's frightened of what's going to be happen.

Here He is Going to Swing his Punch On Her Face, But See What Happened Next?

Suddenly Got The Doze What He Was Giving To His Girlfriend

He Got Punched by A Super Hero Super Man

Now You Can Easily Understand That It Is A Stunt

Thanks to these brilliant Actors for entire Social Act

The Whole Idea Was To Spread Awareness Regarding Domestic Violence

A huge percentage of people will suffer a domestic assault in their lifetimes, and this film was attempting to get that serious cause to light.

Regretfully, Always We Won’t Have Spider Man

We need to learn that every time Superheros will not come to save, so we need to learn self defence.