Nail Fails That Will Have You In STITCHES. #7 Is HORRIFIC

Just like me I know there are many Girls who love to beautify their nails and trust it is quite easy, all you need is regular practice. But which theme you will choose Floral, art, polka dots, marbling, cartoon or something else? I know these designs come into your mind when you think of nail art. But here are so many different nail designs, that you can even imagine. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, see it again. You will be surprised by these nail manicures. They are the weirdest you can’t even imagine.

Yuck! It Seems She Miss That Childhood Video Game.

Weirdest One! Background is Absolutely Wrong.

Can't Judge It Is An Eye Or She Want To Relate It With Cockroach

The Horrific one!

Too Much Girly, Not Looking Good At All

Oh No! What she will do in case of itching?

Mouse Cheese Tetris Nail

Velvet One!

Wonder how it will remain by the end of day.

Swiss army nails are the Latest Trend

Creamy Nails

Award For Soft Drink Lover Goes to...