Google Going To Release New Laptop and Tablet!! You'll Be Amazed By the Features.

It is reported that google might be releasing a new laptop or mobile with a very different and new operating system. Intrigued? Google is working on a new laptop which has the operating system with the name "Andromeda" and this system is going to combine the features of Chrome OS into Android. Another report which came from 9to5Google claimed that "Huwai Nexus" which is about to release will now sustain Andromeda Operating system. Read here to know:

The phone set to release.

It is presumed that the phone will be a successor to Google Nexus 7 which was leaked. It is rumored that tablet would keep the "Nexus" branding but Google would drop its new "Pixel" phones.

About the laptop designed.

There have been reports saying it's code named "Bison," and it is informally known as "Pixel 3." This laptop will have 12.3-inch touchscreen in a design which is going to be under 10 mm thick. It would result in the laptop being one of the thinnest notebooks in the world.

Android Police declares that Pixel 3 might feature a "convertible" design which is quite similar to Lenovo's Yoga laptops, and reportedly, it might have a MacBook-esque glass trackpad. This trackpad relies on haptic vibration feedback. The price is going to start at $799.

It is although not the first time.

Google knows about the laptop hardware well enough as if you don't remember, it had released two Chromebook pixels in past. But unlike the previous, Huawei-made tablet would run "Andromeda," which is new operating system merging Chrome OS into Android.

What the other rumors are.

Since the intensity of reports is high, it is deduced that "Andromeda" is coming out soon. Although on upcoming event on October 4, two new 'Pixel' phones, its Google Home smart speaker, a 4K- and HDR-capable Chromecast, and a new "Google WiFi" router are getting showcased.