Mom Gives Birth To Quintuplets, Has The Most Adorable Photoshoot

26 Year old Kim Tucci never thought that she could get best surprise in her life. On 18th August she and her husband, parents of three, got to know that they were expecting quintuplets. They were surprised and after a good period of pregnancy she gave birth to 5 adorable kids: Tiffany, Penelope, Beatrix, Allie, and Keith. Australian photographer Erin Elizabeth Hoskins was there to capture it all.

In the pregnancy period she used to take 6000 calories per day and others are shocked how easily in two minutes she delivered adorable quintuplets. You will be amazed after watching beautiful photo shoot of her entire pregnancy period and quintuplets. 

She look Adorable Happy Mother to Be!

Confident, pretty Mom Waiting For Her Quintuplets

She used to ate 6,000 calories daily

Kim Tucci, From Western Australia, Gave Birth To Quintuplets

She And Husband Vaughn Welcomed Five Beautiful Babies In August – A Son, Keith, And Four Daughters – Ali, Penelope, Tiffany And Beatrix

The Married Couple Has Shared Amazing Professional Photographs By Erin Elizabeth Of The Babies

She Delivered These Beauties In Just Two Mintues

Just One Look At The Babies' Adorable Faces Is Enough To Know The Sleepless Nights Are Worth It.