Unboxing: Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black VS iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black

Two new family members have been added to Apple family. If you see yourself wavering between 7Jet Black VS iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black that’s off course bit understandable. Still in this post, we'll go through and evaluate all the significant differences between both handsets, so you could ultimately make the better selection for you. The success of Black VS iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black touching sky and undoubtedly they are proving to be   runaway success. Are you excited to unbox it?

Matte Black or Jet Black “Looks”

Starting with the most obvious comparison- Jet Black is a sleek, and have reflective finish. It looks more polished and glossy which makes its downside very clear: fingerprints. 7 Plus Matte black is actually a matte one, with less intensive, dim reflection.


The iPhone 7 is being offered in two black colors options. Jet Black looks blacker and 7Plus Matte black is also rather dark, except it like a very dark gray.

See which one is actually handy

Jet Black will not feel greasy in your hand and it won’t slip; however Black will.


Here the good news! Both iPhones have quad core processors. Apple confirmed that they will give an approx 40% better performance while 50% better graphics performance than the earlier models.


iPhone Jet Black may charge you more, because is available with 128 GB and 256 GB models; The Black will be an alternative with all storage space capacities. Jet Black might charge you more, because it'll only be accessible with 128 GB and 256 GB models; if you need storage then Black will be an option with all storage abilities.

New Home Button

Here you will get the chance to get the new 'Home' button in new iPhones. Apple added three various types of home button so that people have the facility to modify the home button according to their requirements.

For better understanding I would suggest you to check the video. It is useful to get a sense of how the two blacks look.