16 Ridiculous Japanese Gadgets You Never Knew You Didn't Need

Well, who doesn’t know that Japan is considered to be the land of the rising sun, sumo, sushi, and bullet trains? It is an Island of exceptional and innovative minds, courteousness, admiration, and infinite possibilities if sometimes lead astray, dynamism. If memory aids, Japan compelled to the forefront in technical developments in the late 20th Century. What have they been concocting since then?

Here, we present you with some of the ridiculous gadgets ever created by Japan.

Travel Planetarium

For the reason that traveling businessmen shouldn't have to feel sad when they're away from their home planetariums, there is, unquestionably, a travel planetarium.

Shouting Vase

When you're enraged and feel like lashing out your anger to someone, then you no longer have to reach for a pillow, or just any old vase, to throttle your wrath—this vase was explicitly intended to fit the silhouettes of your mouth and transmute your screeches into murmurs.

Swiss Army Gloves

With these ultimate gadgets, the world is at your fingertips. Wherever you and want to anything like scratch your arm, comb your hair, or flick the lighter on your left hand.

Liberation Wrapper

These days no one wants to be discourteous while eating, but occasionally you just wish to have a big nibble. Now you can get the best of both the worlds, with this wrapper that demonstrations a well-mannered expression while concealing your disgraceful need to eat.

Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder

You can’t actually take a risk of holding your costly handheld device to your lumbering, greasy hands when you're enjoying the bath in your bathtub anymore. Let a dreamy cushion of air hold your device. All you need to do is use your hands to do whatever you want to do with your phone.

Thumb Extender for Touchscreens

The "big-screen-small-hands" issues have been fixed now. Gone is the time when you had to use both of your hands! Buy a bigger thumb! Use the black core on the end to press keys and scroll up or down through your screen.

Super Gorone Laptop Desk

Laptops aren't just for legs any longer, so don't curve too down while working on your computer and sit up to use it. In its place, use this inimitable frame to work on your laptop while lying at ease in bed.

Pocket Tie

Wallets are so confining. You can't put on measuring scale in there, or a pair of scissors, or even a small comb. You see, all that idle space around your neck! Turn your tie into the vital convenient storage space with this pocket tie.

Armor-plated Smartphone Case

If your smartphone is so treasured, don't risk it’s lifespan by keeping it in a simple plastic case. Now keep it in five pounds of toughened steel. The makers consider it "could endure a 50-caliber bullet", but advise that "the phone functionality is not 100% assured, and if in case is the shot or seriously impaired." Also, gets an additional benefit of workout holding the phone up to your ear!

USB Eye Warmer

Premeditated to impersonator the look of an iconic anime character, this eye warmer is impeccable for those instants when your eyes are icy, but you still have work to do near a USB opening.

Sports Match Rain or Shine Umbrella Parasol

You can stay stylish, dry, and cool with a rain-or-shine umbrella parasol, and enjoy some privacy without missing out any important sports action with an eyeshade. No need to tip your umbrella back to any further extent!

Three-way Cool Arm Cover

Keep your arms cool and safe during the peak summer season with these special black polyester arm shields that can be worn one-at-a-time, as gloves, or as full sleeves.

Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic

Most of the people out there love to sing in Karaoke, but loud humming might disrespectfully disturb neighbours. This soundless karaoke microphone fixes that problem. It gets easily attached to your smartphone so you can sing along to your favourites without disconcerting yourself.

Air-conditioned Work Shirt

That’s definitely one of the biggest inventions. Airless office workers must be feeling too pleased after knowing about air-conditioned work shirts! Two tactically placed fans will keep you cool under stress with a breeze of fresh air while keeping proper workplace demureness.

Brainwave-reading Cat Ear Headband

While making use of facial expressions and body language to express your emotive state are the bygone things. This hairband uses technology to interpret up to four emotive states into cat ear actions.

Mini Theremin

Conglomerate the happiness of creating bizarre electronic sounds with bringing together tiny things yourself with the mini theremin. Its pocket size permits your strange music to carry on with your demanding daily life!