Now You Can Find Out Which Of Your Mates Use Tinder App

Carrying a phone to call someone is a past thing and now day’s people are crazy about their phone because it gives lots of applications to sort out all jobs in just one tap. Smart phones are very popular and comparable to computer system it takes less time and make you ease free.

In nineties dating someone is big problem like first you need to share your thoughts and if everything is fine them only you could go for a date. Now it is 2016 and technologies are on hike. Tinder a tool for a romantic couple and for those who are in the way to finding best partner it is a like a boon. Basically it is a chatting application work on facebook started in year 2012. Click on next to know more about it.

Matched People With A Record Of 1 Billion Registered Users

It is very popular in youngster with a record of 1 billion registered users. It has lots of features and latest one is tinder social which matched people with groups rather finding a single person. You can also send invite for group date.

Help Of It You Can Go For Group Night Out

According to tinder officials it is feature to spend your weekends with friends and with the help of it you can go for group night out (here night doesn’t meant for odd things) for relax yourself with a bottle of bear with special friends. If you feel any type of awkwardness with it then you can turned of this feature. Presently it is available only in Australia and soon it will reach to you all.