Apple Ditches Earplugs Socket In Favour Of Wireless Airpods That Will Set You Back

Apple the leader in world of mobile technology has come with it’s new iPhone 7 and with the host of new accessories. One the major change in iPhone 7 is that comes with air pods which are going to cost its users, a good decent $ 159. While apple has come up with an odd solution those who want to stick their old headphones, with adapter that will included with ever phone. This will look like a strange tail sticking out of the phone.  

iPhone 7 No Longer Has The 3.5mm Headphone Jack

According to Phil Schillir, senior vice president of worldwide Apple marketing said ‘Apple ear pods are the most popular headphones in the world. Now we're moving them to lightning.’ This provides digital audio power, compared to the old analogue version which was with Apple for a very long time. The previous port was ditched and this provided an additional space for new internal hardware. And due to the users will not be able to directly any headphone with traditional 3.5 mm plug.

User’s Reaction

For those who had got expensive wired headphones will need to get Lightening 3.5 mm adapter. Users can also use wireless Bluetooth headphones, however they need to upgrade to headphone equipped with a Lightening jack. A user said ‘Apple better come with Find my headphones app’.

Replacing Headphones Has Proved To Be Unpopular

Another user said on social media “here's some new apple headphones that are more expensive, easier to lose and you need to charge them every few hours”.

There Were Positive Responses Too

It’s not like that Apple is getting only negative remarks, some of the people had a positive reaction to the new technology and company’s forward thinking.

Some Sarcastic Reactions

Some of the user were sarcastic and posted an imaginary image of an iPhone 8 with no screen, home button, and camera.

Another User Posts A Memoriam

Some users mourned the end of wired earphones on social media, this was hilarious.

Sarcastic Comments Kept Rolling In

Although sarcastic comments kept rolling in, there is something that users are forgetting, that there was a time keypad were replaced with touch screen and many found the change to odd and unacceptable, however every new innovation takes its own time for user’s adaptability.