Type Of Panty You Should Be Wearing According To Your Bum Shape

Women are very much caring about their look and they love to hear some admirable comment from her partner. They always want to be in shape and for maintaining that they are even ready to cut down their meal counts. But as we all know that our body functioning is same but physical size is different, that is why we need to select a perfect size according to our body shape.

Women are always conscious about their bum and back size and there are lots of options to enhance them. Next to this we are sharing some type of bum shape and you have to select which one suits you and it will help you select perfect sized lingerie. Click on next to explore all.

Round And Curvy

If you are having bigger and too curvy then you supposed to select a bigger sized panty that will cover maximum area. Never wear undersized lingerie because it looks weird.


If your lower portion is extra wide as compared to your waist them you have a square shape and you should try some boy shorts.

‘V’ Shaped

If your shoulder are broader them hips to tends to make it in v shape. This type of girl should wear brief and boy shorts.

A Shaped

Those who have pear shaped or wider hips with fuller thighs then bikini or shorts are best for you.

Inverted Heart Shaped

This is the best in all of other stated above and outer curves are bigger and it contains more volume. This type of girls is free to wear any type of lingerie.