9 Bikini-Styles That Prove Every Body Is A Beach Body

While surfing on internet, I saw interestingly many brands have their bikini line, serving to those skinny bodies. This brought me to wonder, what about those who are not so skinny. And I surfed more and found that every woman of any age, height and shape can find a perfect bikini to suit her taste and style. Here’s what i found to be interesting, this might help you to get out of your fears of wearing bikini and get to touch fresh water at beach, read on:

Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape body, you probably have a defined waist, curvy lower back larger than your bust and your shoulders and Arms are in proportion to your neck. Your waist is your strength so you can flaunt it and opt for a bikini which camouflages your bottom and lower back.

Curvy Shape

A curvy shape body has fuller bust, lower back and thighs. To accentuate your figure, you must choose bikinis in rainbow colours. This will let you highlight your curves and make you look more attractive.

Large Bust & Hips

Your large body requires a bikini that can support your top and give you coverage on bottom. You can go for bikinis with thick straps and high waist style lowers.

Heavy Lower Back

A retro style bikini is well suited for you if have a heavy back, these will do the trick on your tummy as well.

Athletic Body Type

For your straight body, with slim lower back and well developed shoulders, a printed bikini will do the trick. Go for floral prints to hide your curves.

Small Bust

If your body is perfect shape but your bust is small, give an illusion of large bust by wearing a bikini in bold floral print. You can go for the regular bikinis with minimal coverage.

Lacy Bikinis

You can at times experiment with your body and opt for different types of bikinis. One of the cute options trending these days are the lacy bikinis which can add a spark to your body, this will suit all body types.

High Neck Bikinis

Another style of bikinis that look fashionable and can hide your curves or body is high neck bikinis. Wear and flaunt your waist line while covering your curves well.

Bikinis With Zippers

Another hot trend to follow is bikinis that are accentuated with buttons and zippers. These cool bikinis are great if you shy to wear the regular bikinis and hide your upper body.