Things I Did Differently To Get Pregnant This Time

For some pregnancy happens the moment they drop protection but for some the wait is endless. As time moves on desperation sets in and then begins the search for anything that can help in retaining an embryo inside the uterus. You seek medication, prayers, daily routine,Healthy Habbits, stones, and charms, anything that can help in fruition.

I Ate Healthy

It is important to watch everything you eat if you wish to get pregnant. A healthy diet provides necessary nutrition and helps in keeping a control on body weight. Doctors suggest that intake of critical nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Iron prepare the body for pregnancy.

Achieved Healthy Body Weight

Body weight has direct connection with body fat. Excess fat in the body instigates production of extra estrogen. This interferes with proper ovulation and affects fertility. Being underweight is even more dangerous than being overweight.

I De-stressed Myself

A healthy surrounding keeps the body fit and mind peaceful. I cleaned every nook and corner of my house and drove away all negative energy. The relation of stress and fertility is not clear, but it is always helpful to have better coping ability. I had a home theatre installed in my house and surrounded myself with my favourite music.

I Went Easy on the Pregnancy Test

When you are trying to get pregnant the wait can be tough and a negative test can be heart breaking. So I went easy on my pregnancy tests. Statistics suggest that 84% women get pregnant within one year of dropping protection.

Kept Myself Warm and Safe

Someone had suggested that I should wear double socks when I’m trying to get pregnant. This triggered the thought that I should protect my body from harsh weather and hurt. So I wore extra warm cloths. I made sure that the material of all that I wore suited my skin and did not cause any discomfort.

I Prayed Every Day

I prayed every day and sought my friends’ prayers too. Your faith in a certain thing matters a lot. Repeating your wishes everyday to yourself or to your God increases your chances of achieving them.

Baby communicates with you

Kicks are the only way your baby can respond to you. Any change in the outside environment will make your baby kick. A sudden noise, too much light, a sudden movement, all these trigger your baby to kick. It shows how well your baby is managing the changes inside and outside your womb. Your baby kicks are well noticed when you are 26 weeks pregnant.

9th week- The amazing feeling

This is when your baby starts to move within your womb, but you start to realize it only during 18 or 19 week of pregnancy. You have to be very alert to notice these movements. An ultrasound can help you better in detecting the baby movements.