Proven Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Quickly And Naturally

Now everyone wants a healthy baby and some women even have a wish for two lovely twins. I know it is double the amount of care and quite hectic but they love to have similar lovely babies at their home. It can be a lot of fun to grow the little babies together, checking who crawls first and who says their first word. Well, here are ways one can conceive twins.

A family history of twins.

You have more chances to get pregnant with lookalikes if twins have been in your family for long.

It depends on your ethnicity as well.

African American women are more susceptible to conceive twins and Asian and Caucasian women on have less chances of delivering twin babies.

Are you heavy in weight?.

A recent study suggested that heavy women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher are more prone to conceive twin babies.

Dairy products can increase your chances.

If you consume more amount of dairy products, you are more susceptible to conceive twins as believed by Africans.

Consumption of wild yams or cassava root.

If you consume the above you will be more prone to conceiving twins as believed by Nigerians as they have most twins in the world and eat the same products. It is because these food items stimulate the ovaries to discharge more than one egg during ovulation.

If you are already breastfeeding.

If you have a young one and nursing it, you have more chances of getting pregnant with two babies.

Are you consuming birth control pills?

If yes, then when you stop consuming them to conceive, you might regulate the production of hormones and it can increase the production of hormone.

Folic acid supplements

If you are supplementing your health with folic acid tablets, then you are increasing your chance of having twins by 40%.

Plan for a big family.

If you are conceiving way too many times, in the longer run you can end up having twin babies.