21-Year-Old Woman Lives As 'Adult Baby' With Boyfriend As 'Daddy'

There are crazy stories that you might read on internet time to time, and this is going to be one of them. There are ways people tend to get over their childhood bad memories but this one is too different and unbelievable. I wonder how it would benefit her. But, it's her life and she could do anything with it, right? No judgments. 

Meet Jess, a 21 year old from Lakeland.

She lives in Florida and is trying to cope up with childhood abuse by doing age play as a grown up.

She needs regress

She doesn't mind regressing back to her childhood and thus prefers to wear mouth covering and drink from the baby bottles.

She was abused as a kid

She was barely two year old when she had suffered from physical act of love and thus, she likes to go back to being an infant.

She has a caring boyfriend.

Thankfully she has a boyfriend who supports her and doesn't mind acting as her "daddy"

He takes care of her.

They have been together four years and they have been age playing as it is a best escape for her for forgetting the trauma.

All playful and cute

She admits she loves being this playful. like a kid and says even if she had a "normal" childhood, she still wouldn't mind living this lifestyle.

she has cute dolls.

she has a special five-inch long crib and all the baby toys that young children play with. When she is age-playing, she indulges in these activities and says it has been better than meditation and therapy.

Normal days

It is just a part of their life when they submit themselves to Daddy dominant or Adult Baby Diaper Lover kind of games. She even wears nappies that time!

she loves the feeling.

she enjoys feeling that David, her boyfriend is there to take care of her and he himself likes to feel needed which is why he doesn't mind looking after her like she is a baby.

Now she is looking for real baby-sitter

As David remains away for work, she wants to have a real-time baby sitter, who could look after her when she needs. Weird, is it?