The Internet Is Mad At This Dad Who Let His Daughter Eat The Heart Of Her First Deer Kill

Recently, a New Zealand hunter has been overly criticized by millions and millions of people online after he risked to upload photos in a hunting community of his 8-years-old daughter chomping the heart of her first slaughter.

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Johny Yuile is a New Zealand based police officer

As hunting fanatic, he used to take along his little girl Chole on his hunting excursions.

Chole, like her father, is also passionate about hunting.

In one of their hunting excursion, she hunted down her first deer, a young stag. Her proud father sat next to her beaming in extreme happiness. As per the customary tradition followed by the natives of America, courageous people rejoice their ‘FIRST KILL’ by taking out the heart of the killed animal and eating it. Hence, Johny applauded her daughter and asked Chole to do the ceremonial the eating of deer’s heart.

He was over the moon with the accomplishment of her dear daughter and captured the moment of her daughter with slayed stag.

Picture of Chole clicked while nibbling on the heart

It antagonized many people online and his post was swamped with loads and loads of criticism.

Johny was so full of pride about her daughter’s accomplishment that he decided to brag about same by posting Chole’s heart chomping prowess on Facebook.

Another one

See this one

And also this one

These are just few which I am able to represent here. There were numerous comments posted by people who criticized him for this forbidding act.

Well, Johny remained unaffected with the disparagement and fired back people who were calling him names by posting this message.

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