If The Ladies Room In Your Workplace Has THESE Hooks, Dial The Police Right Now!

Advancement in technology has led to many negative effects of people as well. Especially, with the creation of small cameras, more and more people are getting blackmailed or tortured. On the same note, when such cameras are installed in public places or trial rooms, it can ruin a woman's life. This activity could be a nightmare and this is what happened with a woman recently.

She was being spied on.

The woman has filed areports against this aggregation and does not intent to leave the case without any punishment given to the doer.

Her accusation ability is an aggregation amount of millions of dollars in cloister fees. She claims that she noticed the covering hanger but had not paid any heed to it.

This small hole is a camera.

Nobody could have figured it out, but there is a small camera above the handle which was there all the time to keep a check on woman and her privacy was ruined.

It costs only 20$.

This equipment costs only 20$. While it was designed for people to use it in a better way for security purposes, there are many consequences to it.