Cannibal Killer’s Dad Tells Of The Living Nightmare He’s Lived Since

Cannibal Killer’s Dad Tells Of The Living Nightmare He’s Lived Since!

The Biggest Nightmare

The father of the so-called “cannibal killer” Austin Harrouff, has broken down in tears on Dr Phil and apologized to the families of his son’s victims.

He Had Been Acting Strangely

The father also told of how his son’s behavior in the weeks prior had become erratic. Also, he said that the 19-year-old’s behavior on the night in question was particularly concerning. The family had been eating at a restaurant before the incident

Slow Service Set Him Off

At the restaurant, the son had downed some vegetable oil for some reason. The father then explained that his son stormed out of the restaurant, apparently very agitated with the apparent slow service.

He’s Such A Good Person

That’s when Harrouff saw a couple watching TV in their garage; fifty-three-year-old Michelle Mishcon and her husband, John Stevens, 59. Austin stabbed them both to death, and when police arrived, it took a handful of officers, a dog, and a taser to stop him from eating Stevens’ face off. “I’m deeply sorry for what my son did to those people,” he told Dr Phil. “And I’ll apologize for him, because my own son would have never done that … He’s such a good person. “He would never knowingly do something like that. I’m truly sorry to those people”.

How Could Such A Good Person Do This?!

Police have said they believe that the drug known as “flakka” is involved. The synthetic substance is known to give users the impression they have super-human strength.Also, reports indicate that some of Austin’s class mates at Florida State University suggest he had been taking steroids too.