14 DIY Ideas To Lighten Your Homes In Just A Few Minutes

Lighting is the most vital part of the interior designing thing. You may find it an expensive method to purchase heavier light lamps or lighting antiques but here you can get the help of DIY ideas for lightening your homes easily.

A Lego lighting shade!

Astonishing chandelier made up of wax paper capiz shells.

The simplest creative DIY lighting ideas. Try this one for sure.

I so love this wine bottle chandelier

OMG! Tissue paper pom poms. I mean lantern

Doily turning into a Craftastic pendant lighting.

The creative lamp shades that you can do it yourself.

Recycled wine bottle torch.

Origami folded paper lamp.

Cookie tin used for making a paper lantern.

Wow... Superb use of plastic spoons.

Outdoor Lighting Tuna for making your neighbours envy.

A simple handmade home decor using a ball for InteriorHolics.

Some more DIY ideas on the wine bottle.