8 Women Confess The Craziest Things They Watch In Adult Films!

I asked people to confess what sort of clips they’re watching – especially the super secret, super dirty stuff - And I must say, the responses are more specific and unapologetic than the confessions I got from men.

Becca - I love to look at men even though I’m with a woman.

“When I look at adult films, I definitely watch things that tend to contradict my “real” fun life. I’m in a committed relationship with a woman, but we’re both bisxual, and it allows me to watch things we don’t do.

Dana - I like when women make men drink their own!

I watch a lot of weird stuff, like men milking or women discharging compilations. I especially like watching women make men drink their.

Alissa - I am all about those gay bj.

“I love watching boys suck each other off. I want to watch them degrade one another. I don’t feel bad about it at all. I wish my boyfriend would suck someone off, but he wouldn’t, ever.”

Jessica - I watch it based on my mood!

“The clip I watch is in no way related to my personal life. I don’t care if my partner watches, and I am perplexed by anyone who equates films with infidelity. My preferences tend to be driven by mood.

Trina - I love watching lesb!ans with huge boo.

“I’m in a 100% straight relationship but I do want to be with women for fun. So I look at a look of only women clips, girls with huge boo because mine are pretty small.

Angela - Pease bring me teacher-student fun!

“I’m married and monogamous. I watch films a few times per month, by myself mostly, and my husband knows and doesn’t care what kind I watch. But, i like watching male teacher and female student or teacher & student.

Dina - I’m all about listening to and reading clips or stories!

“I totally watch, read, and listen to clips. Sometimes straight and sometimes all women type. I also enjoy listening to audio of people having fun.

Desdemona - I’m into stuff, like extreme degradation.

“The only clips I really look at is on Tumblr. I look at gang fun and women constrained in various crazy ways, being violated with instruments and being humiliated.