10 Food You Are Eating In A Wrong Way, Food Item At #9 Will Be Shocking For You

Food is a vital ingredient for everyone’s lives. You need to eat food to survive. It provides us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop. Like everyone needs respect, our food too needs. Eating habits or eating etiquettes comes naturally to everyone. We either learn from our parents or watching on TV how they do it. You have to master yourself which will take a plenty of time. Eating foods with forks, knives, spoons, hands, etc. needs some proper skills to eat to avoid wastage, dirtiness, and getting things messy. As if we take an example, we go to a restaurant, we see someone eating or drinking in an unpleasant way, that will give a bad affect of a person having food nastily. It is really become an issue to school the world regarding the same. Given below we are sharing some brilliant hacks. Check it out:


You can use lettuce leaves as a delicious safety net to avoid spilling from either side.


Sometimes, while dipping Oreos in milk, your fingers get dipped too. This will become messy, so dip it with a fork to avoid it.


The appropriate way to eat them is by using a straw. This simple hack will avoid wastage and loss of nutrients by cutting them.

Hot Dogs

You should cut your hot dogs in a spiral manner so that it will not only cook fast but also easy to eat.


Wow, mind-blowing!


Squeeze out the lemon juice to maximum by using a squeezer.

French Toast

Enjoy it by layering it with cereals and getting a more crisper toast.

Use Of A Used Cake Box

You can make it a plate by putting tissue paper on it.


You must be eating a banana just like a human does i.e. from top to bottom. Peel it like a monkey does i.e. from bottom to top.

Cup Cake

Try it out like sandwich by putting the top creamy portion in the middle and have a big bit of it without any embarrassment.