Father & Daughter Recreate Old Wedding Photos To Say Goodbye To Late Wife & Mother

Love has no boundaries and even if person who you love the most dies, the love does not die. A father recreated the memories of his late wife together with his daughter. Ben Nunery lost his wife due to a rare form of lung cancer; the couple have an adorable daughter Olivia. The father decided to sell off the home which he had bought with his wife Ali. Before leaving the home, he got a photo shoot done with Olivia to bid goodbye to Ali, take a look:

Ben And Ali

The photo shoot was done by Ali’s sister Melanie. Melanie who is professional photographer had taken the pictures of Ben and Ali on their wedding day.

This First And Last Day

The photograph on the left is of the couple’s first day in their home, today ben is leaving this home where he lost his wife.


It’s a same doorway through which the couple entered into their dreamland, today he walks out of the same door with Olivia taking the memories of his beloved wife Ali.


Once Ali used the curler to make her curls, today the little daughter uses the curler in the same way her mom did.


As a groom, Ben waited for his bride to walk down stairs, and today he playfully walk down on the stairs as his daughter Olivia waits him.

Holding Hands

This is the mirror image of Ben and Ali then and Ben and Olivia now.


Ben is playing the song on ukulele for his daughter.


Ben says Olivia is too young to comprehend but she knows that her mother is gone. The daughter hugs her father as she has her sweet memories of her mother to cherish.

Memories Of A Sister

Melanie captures Olivia with a white feather in her small palms. Melanie says that she often feels her sister’s presence in the house. She said that when she went to Ali’s room, Olivia bent down to pick up something, it was this white feather. She said it was a ‘sign from above’.