Policewoman Makes Arrest While Wearing A Bikini

We all know that sometimes our law enforcement move around in disguise to catch the hiding suspects but in a two piece bikini? Well it is something new and shocking too!In Stockholm a female Swedish police officer pinned the suspected thief to the ground while she was off duty and relaxing with her friends in a thong. Perhaps, you won’t call that even thong, but it’s surely not her official or civilian attire that most officials slip into while catching the criminals.

Kellner is a tough woman

Do you know that this police officer uses her kids as weights? Whoa! Isn’t that something awesome? Well, I have become fan of this lady now. I think every other police official should follow her routine to be fit and strong like her.

She shared her incident on Instagram by saying...

In the 11 years of her career as a police officer, it was her first intervention in which she was wearing a bikini.

Kellner in Hot Pursuit

See how Kellner and her fellow police officer gave a shock to the suspected thief.

Her dedication towards her job…

In an interview with the Swedish newspaper, when she was asked about her dedication for her job, she said, “If I had been naked I would have intervened as well”.