OMG! Woman Claims She Is 23 Months Pregnant Viral On Social Media!

You hear many dumb stories on internet everyday and you might be surprised that there are so silly people still existing in this world, where as some are embarrassing stories so much that you jst thank God that didn’t happen to you. Here is one such bizarre story that may shock you. 

This is her

This woman named Angie Dellora, from Bellingham in Washington reported something so hilarious that the internet couldn’t stop laughing and making the posts viral.

What she claimed

She here is what she suggested. Busting all scientific facts she stated that she is 23 months pregnant.


Now that’s completely unbelievable right? At some level it is also making me puke.

Medical problem, is it?

Now just to make everyone believe her story-- which just might be a getting popular tactic—she says she suffers from a medical condition which is why it’s happening. Which medical condition, miss?


Of course, if it is true she must be tired as hell from carrying the baby around, which is why she also claims that she cannot do it anymore.

Turns out

She is 32 year old and it turn out that even the doctors are amazed and the baby which now weighs 19 pounds is a big deal for them. Why aren’t they operating yet?

Well, you know what?

You better not believe her, it probably is just a super awkward joke and she is just too fat and she is trying to hide it. Oh yeah!