This Family That Doesn’t Age

While you are busy investing money in good anti-ageing creams and plastic surgeries, here is a family which does not age. They have not had any plastic surgeries either. Believe it or not, it seems like it is in their genes. This family lives in China and has shocked people by their pictures as people mistook them to be siblings.

That’s her father, not boyfriend

When this Chinese girl uploaded a picture with her father, social media users thought he was her boyfriend because he looked so young and not much older to her own daughter. Where did the age go after all?

Old photo with dad

According to the People’s Daily Online, the Internet frenzy started when this girl with a user name sysev7n uploaded an old photo of her when she was little along with her dad.

Her father

Her father’s recent picture was also uploaded in which he looked so young and then, the girl compared the two photos showing how less he has aged in these many years.When she uploads pictures with her dad, he is usually mistaken to be her boyfriend because of his youthful looks.

Her mother

It is not just the dad, but the mother is also very pretty and looks like an elder sibling of her daughter. She is 47 year old and doesn’t look a day older than 25.

Her Grandmother

Bizarre is that even her grandmother, who is 67, looks so much younger than her own age and seems as if she is her mother, instead of being a grand mom. Although this user removed all the pictures later on, as social media users were giving negative comments and claiming the role of plastic surgery behind it. She defies all the claims and does not want any speculations about the family.