An 84-year-old Man Beats Body Builder at Weight-Lifting-Unbelievable

Spectators at Santa Monica’s muscle beach were astonished when a cardigan-sporting, khaki-wearing grandpa figure strolled over to the weights and totally crushed them. Many body builders and weight lifters go this popular beach to practice and show off the skills in gym and weight lifting. Most of the crowd around is women who gather around to see these muscle men strengthen their bodies. However everyone including those young muscle men present there were shocked to see this 84-year-old man show off his muscle work.

For those present there, were not aware that the man who pulled the stunt was not actually an old man but a former Junior Olympic weightlifter Kenneth Leverich. The muscle beach crowd didn't realize that, so they were amazed. Read on to find what he did:

He Changed His Look

With the help of Hollywood special effects Guru Dan Gilbert, Kenneth Leverich changed his look. It took 4 hours of prosthetics and make up for Kenneth to look like a really old man.

He Walked Over To Muscle Beach

As he went over to beach, the other muscle men greeted him with respect, not knowing that behind this old look is a young body builder. Under a lot of makeup and latex was fitness athlete and crossfit games competitor Kenneth Leverich.

He Attempts Weight Lifts

As the old man attempts to lift the weights, all eyes of those inside the beach and the spectators around look at him with curiosity. Other muscle men were worried that he may not be able to pull off or he might hurt himself, but to everyone’s surprise he lifts the weights easily.

Watch The Video Here