10 Types Of Bikinis You Never Even Knew That Existed!

Bikini day is the anniversary of the invention of bikini and is celebrated on 5th July every year. Bikini was introduced for the very first time by Parisian fashion designer, Louis Reard in 1946. This day is meant to celebrate at the beach in your favourite bikini.  Women buy the best of bikinis to flaunt their hot bodies on this day. Bikini has undergone a great transformation over the years. You’ll be surprised to know about some weird variants of bikini that people love to wear on this day. Have a look! 

Dissolvable bikini

This bikini dissolves in the water and gets disappeared once you wear it and swim. It looks just like a real bikini and you won’t realise the difference till the time it doesn’t get vanished.

Bacon Bikini

If you are a non-vegetarian then you are going to love this bikini. This bikini is made of bacon and looks quite appealing to all the men.

Smart Swim Bikini

Smart-Swim bikini has built-in UV meter that displays an intensity level of ultra violet rays on a scale from 0 to 20. It is the world’s first bikini to have a meter built into the fabric. This battery-powered meter is waterproof and has lifetime of up to two years. This Smart-Swim Bikini costs about $170.

Pac man Bikini

This bikini is for the Retro game lovers and has the monsters and ghosts images on both upper and lower part of the bikini.

Lettuce Bikini

This bikini is best alternative to bacon bikini for veggies people. This bikini was made by PETA to promote the lettuce campaign.

Holder Bikini

This is a perfect bikini for bold and pretty ladies. This bikini has hands that are used to hold the breasts. This bikini is variation of trikini in which the saucers are replaced by hands.


It has a small skirt at the bottom of the bikini and was renowned as the top 10 swimwear design in the year 2011. It is a very pretty looking skirted bikini.

Sling Bikini

Sling bikini is one piece suit that has side straps covering the pubic area. There are several variants of sling bikini available in the market. This bikini is quite popular on the beaches of Europe such as Saint Tropez, Marabella, Mykonos and Ibiza.

Minimal String Bikini

It is more bold and revealing than a string bikini and gives a semi appearance of the body as the strings are attached with just two parts of the bikini.

Solar Powered Bikini

Solar bikini is made with 1? x 4? photovoltaic film panels and also has a USB connection. Its looks quite amazing and was designed by Andrew Schneider. The specialty of this bikini is that it can charge your phones and IPods also it can keep your drink cold while take a sunbath.