You'll Never Watch the Disney Channel the Same Way Again After Reading These Secrets

Disney Channel was our favorite when we were kids, but what about the people who were in it? Most of them did not get a chance to act in better roles and thus, they could not handle their future very well. It has not been going great for them and after you read this, you won’t be able to watch the Disney shows the same way again.

Shia Labeouf: Now Depressed

Earlier that time he was hilarious and I must say, normal as well. Now, it hasn’t been going good for him as everything has gown downhill both personally and professionally.

Jake T. Austen

The former Wizards of Waverley Place, also could not handle the big change, it seems. The actor was arrested for intoxicated driving in 2013 and the headlights of his car were also off, but he has been out of the headlines since. Might be doing well now.

David Henrie

The Wizards actor also got arrested for giving a guy fight challenge. It might be over something small, but who does that if they are mature enough? He did get released soon enough, although.

Joey Cramer

This 80s kid, now a grown up was arrested for, guess what! Bank robbery! Maybe he did not save all the money he got in the early 80s or he got used to having so much money that he committed such an evil crime.

Omar Goodling

The guy from The Smart Guy was also arrested in 2013 for DUI. Guess, such mistakes happen by every other famous star who lost their fame.

Orlando Brown

If you don’t remember, this guy is from “That’s so Raven” and he has been charged for many things till now, including drug possession. *Whew!*

Anneliese van der Pol got a DUI in 2006