18 People Who Were Arrested In The Perfect Shirts

What if one fine morning you wake and something happens that you have never ever expected. You are arrested on some weird grounds and end up having the mug shot taken. It can be considered as something good provided the snapshot has some hysterical element, right?

Here is the list of some people who never had an idea about the fact that their clothing choice was the poorest one they could make for what was to ensue later on in the day. Check out these hilarious snapshots of 18  people who put on the most ill-fated t-shirts:

Hope so she wasn’t there for a DUI.

Well, not so cunningly.

That in fact doesn’t help his situation.

This is too flawless and impeccable, right?

In all probability

Let’s anticipate he was there for a completely discrete thing.

Oh Man!!

I am glad that I am the one who was there. Ewww!

Hahah!!No longer I suppose!!

Ignore her!! Certainly she could have provided she really knew how to do that

I could find any other word for him, just fantastic

It wasn’t me daddy. LOL!

Funny Guy!! Well, that’s the reality and you can’t change that.

Why don’t you ask your kids man?

Why on Earth would this be a decent t-shirt to ever.

Pops- this one is really for you! Oh yeah!

What the heck is that role model?

Evidently not