This Mother Went To Mc Do Asking For Discount, What The Crew And Manager Did Was Unbelievable

How often do we do something just make someone smile and feel special. Doing something for others with selfless interest is not very common to see. But for some giving and sharing is rewarding. They go beyond their call of duty to make someone happy.

The crew and manager of McDonalds in Brgy Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna did exactly this, they did something for a mother and daughter that they will all remember for times to come.

Restaurant Manager Sharmain Tacluyan Has Shared A Video Which Depicts That A Mother Approached Their Counter

A video of these employees is going viral and it’s been gaining praise from all over in social media. On her facebook account, the restaurant manager Sharmain Tacluyan has shared a video which depicts that a mother approached their counter and asked for a discount because it was her daughter’s birthday and they did not have enough money to buy their meal.

However Since There Was No Promotion Going On At That Time They Could Not Give Them Any Discount.

However Since there was no promotion going on at that time they could not give them any discount. But to the surprise of mom and daughter they gave a surprise bash to the young girl. They decorated the place with balloons got them pancakes and played birthday song.

Their reaction was priceless and reward for this wonder team of Mc Donalds. The net buzzers felt this was sweet gesture by the crew and manager.