7 Weirdest Selfie Backgrounds That Will Make You Go LOL, #6 Is Probably The Best Photobomb Of All Time

It seems to be biggest craze of the decade and its only getter by the day. It’s that selfie bug, which has bitten the world all over. And specially the present generation is all about taking selfies. From their morning wake time to sleep time, every moment they want to capture a selfie.

There is really no right or wrong way of taking a selfie, however, before clicking one must check the background else it becomes way to hilarious, if you don’t trust our instincts, check these out for yourself:

At The Beach, She Enjoys The Selfie

And He Enjoys His 3 b#lls

She Thought This Was Her Best Selfie

But it was “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

And She Thought She Is The Only Beauty There

But for mirror someone else stole her show

She Doesn't Know

Nothing to lose here, the ball did not hurt her but yes her selfie was hurted badly

Oh Something Goes In Her Mouth

What was that in her hand.

This is One Of The Best Photobombs

The doggie wants a selfie too.

Only If They Knew That He Is Behind

That’s a spoiler photobomb.

He forget about background........

That's awkward really??