10 Cancer Symptoms Women Often Ignore, Must Read

A woman’s body is always changing. Sometimes women ignore these changes thinking these might be normal. However these changes could actually be early symptoms of cancer, hence it is important to recognize these changes.

Chronic Cough & Congestion

One may dismiss a chronic cough, wheezing, shortness of breath with signs of asthma or however these could indicate lung tumors & leukemia.

Skin Changes

Sometimes women ignore change in size , shape or color of mole, this could be a sign of skin cancer. Consult doctor.


Getting tired due to hectic lifestyle is normal, however if you feeling overly tired, you need to consult your doctor.

Changes in Bosom

Some of the changes in bosom can be due to hormones, but if you find your bosom with rashes or discharge or they are inverted, consult gynaecologist.


If you feel persistently bloated, do not ignore as this could be due to kidney or ovarian cancer.

Mouth Changes

If you are in habit of smoking, watch out for white or red spots inside your mouth or on your lips, these could be sign of oral cancer.

Heavy Periods/ In Between Periods

This is the first sign of endometrial cancer, consult gynecologist.

Weight Loss

If you are not trying to lose weight and still you see a sudden weight loss, discuss this with your doctor.

Swollen Lymph’s Nodes

If you are facing difficulty in swallowing, it may be due to fungal infection. But if you are vomiting this could mean stomach cancer.

Nail Changes

Any discoloration or noticeable change in your nails too should not be ignored.