This Woman Was Criticized For Wearing A Dress. When You See It Closer...

Wedding are like special occasion, and everyone dresses to their best to look attractive. But at times even when one dresses up so well, our so called “society” tries to put their own set of rules upon them.

Girls should have freedom to wear what they want, no one has any right to comment upon her choice. However what happened with this woman when she decided to wear a dress for a wedding will leave you puzzled, read on:

Meet Liz Kruger, a nutrition and fitness coach from New Zealand

She went for a wedding in which she wore this form fitting dress in soft peach white

She was insulted and bullied by fellow guests for wearing revealing mini dress

Even some of the grown up and mature women bullied at her badly.

In her post on social media Liz posted this snap and quoted “A woman slapped on my back and another guest spilt beer on her dress.

A radio station posted her picture on their facebook page

Her photo has gone viral across social media in New Zealand with a # krugerkindness

She has now started a online movement to support women.