Here's What The Witches Of 'The Craft' Look Like All Grown Up

Do you remember ‘The craft’ the 90’s cult classic?

It was a favorite movie of all the teenagers and we all wanted to be like them. It’s a story about three high school witches and how they used black magic that is what we all wanted to know. All the teenagers wanted to be like them and admired them a lot. But do you know where they are now? Did they go on to earn fame? Or they just disappeared from all the glory they had? Read the below article to find out.

The role of the good witch was played by Neve Campbell

Later, she made into the world’s 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1998.

Slacker Mitt played by Breckin Meyer.

He is now 42 years old and stars in a TV series called Franklin and Bash.

The famous victim of the black magic named Skeet Ulrich played by Chris.

We saw him in shows like Into the west, Jericho and Law and order: LA.

The villain of the movie named Laura played by Christine Taylor.

Now she is married to Ben Stiller and is 44 years old.

Rochelle played by Rachel True

She has not been seen in popular shows but she is quite confident and stylish.

Fairuza Balk played the role of the evil witch Nancy.

She is now 42 and went on to have key roles in top movies like The Waterboy and American History X.

Robin Tunney's first leading role was of high school girl Sarah Bailey.

Since then she has been a part of several TV reality shows like The Mentalist and Prison Break.