How To Find A Fake Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors is a worldwide popular brand for handbags. Their attention to detail and quality surpasses all the other brands. Because of its popularity, many counterfeiters are reproducing fake handbags with same brand name and filling up the shelves in the market.

However an authentic Michael Kors bag cost $300 where a fake would start at price as low as $ 30. Below are the two handbags which look similar, yet they are different as one of them is fake. These pictures below will work as a guide for you to identify the original from the fake:


The texture is dense with tiny criss-cross/diagonal pattern created through machine stamping process made in calf leather. The fake one is made with artificial /PU leather and the unlike original texture is not rigid, it is soft and floppy.


The real logo of Michael Kors bag is perfectly aligned and slightly pushed into leather while the fake one is not properly aligned.


The real handle is stiff and tight while the fake is filled with a soft foam tube that leaves the top part feels flimsy.


The real buckles are rounded square design where as fake version has simple rounded loop.


The Real one made with one piece of leather which goes from front to back while fake one is made with two pieces of PU leather

Zippers & Fasteners

The real Michael Kors has brass finish on the zippers and fastners whereas the fake ones is metallic coated finish.

Shoulder Strap

The real bag has solid clasp with a holding band while fake version has a band stitched into the seam.


The real MK uses a soft fabric with MK logo pattern facing in same direction and the fake one screaming MK in different directions.