10 Tricks Couples In Long-Term Relationships Use To Keep Their Romance Life Hot

Our society is so over the stereotype that it consider taboo to go against monogamy. But still some of the couples goes beyond this taboo and fall into polygamy.

But what about them who don’t wanna break the monogamy ritual? Is there any way out for them? I mean is there any trick of potion for them to make their married life as spicy and hot as it was in the first half year of their marriage?

So without any added spun let’s focus on the tricks that can make your boring married life to freaking hot and happening.

Turn the table

You might feel like a no-brainer, but a little change is good for everything and everyone. Start with Cowgirl and keep experimenting as per your comfort.

Get Dressed Up As You Use To Before Marriage

Tied the knot made love to each other and that’s it! The story doesn’t ends here dear... You saw each other without clothes on doesn’t mean the girl would not look sexier as it use to before marriage. You can still be mischievous and spice up chemistry between two of you by picking some playful lingerie underneath.

Whoa! A wet girl!

Man still fall for the wet, curvaceous woman in a sheer dress or skimpy clothes. As it make them more thirsty. So what are you waiting for? Tonight, hit the showers together and see what magic hot bath creates.

Little Lip Service

Sometimes a small communication over what turns you on can turns you and your partner on... So just discuss your wildest fantasies with your man and try on if you both are comfortable between the sheets.

Gentle Rubbing

A gentle rub on hands, arms, neck, back, or even thighs can charge your lady love. To make it more adventurous you can start gentle rubbing in public areas without letting others understand what is going on in your mind.

Set The Mood

Lit some scented candles (Make sure your partner is not allergic to the scent), play a soothing track and get ready to show off some skin.

Get Away From The Reach Of Family And Friends

Go on a short vacation, even for a day, out from the reach of your friends and family. Give some time to each other. Only two of you! It will keep the spark flying.

Start Dating all over again

Whoa! Don’t take me wrong. I am asking two of you to date each other as you people use to date before marriage. It will keep you more active and creative with your ideas.

Get some toys

I m not talking about the toys for kids! To bring back the lost spark in your chemistry you can take help from the technology. Wink! Keep some toys ready into your goody drawer.

Don’t follow the hot films, Take Your Time

Addiction of films has completely ruined the meaning of actual fun. Don’t go in depression if you can’t ride like that man or you can’t look toned and curvaceous like that woman shown in the video. God made us unique and we all have our strength and weaknesses. Never compare yourself or your partner with others. Quickies seems great, but when we talk about stoking the internal desire, only guys with the nice and slow pace wins the game!