10 Photos That Will Annoy The Perfectionist In You

Our brains like order, which is why this collection of imperfections is so infuriating. Things which are ordered seem natural are are easy for the brain to make sense of; imperfect or flawed things cause us to pause and do a double-take. Are those new tiles you put in really off-center or are you just seeing things?

These photos of broken patterns, imperfect symmetry, and counter intuitive placement are guaranteed to drive you bonkers. Do you have any photos that annoy the heck out of you? Vote on the most infuriating photo, or submit your own!

#1 This

#2 Just Noticed This In The Living Room

#3 Really?

#4 Perfectionist's Nightmare

#5 This

#6 Stick Your Conformist Pattern Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

#7 All Of These Lights Are Off

#8 You Had One Job

#9 My Wife Is A Monster

#10 Just Burn Down The Whole Damn Park