Things That Are Hilariously Similar To Each Other

Remember our post about hilariously similar things? Because you guys loved them so much, we've got another heaping portion of uncanny look-alikes!

Some look-alikes require a good eye to catch, so keep your eyes peeled - they can be all around you. Vote for your favorite pair and don’t hesitate to add your own pics. And they don't have to be human - there might be a look-alike hiding in your fridge!

This Baby Looks Like This Dog

Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

This Cat Looks Like Toothless

Apple Looks Like An Owl

This Cat Looks Like An Ewok

Paprika looks like Sylvester Stallone

This Cat Looks Like Batman

This Cat Looks Like Hitler

This Cat Looks Like Chicken

This Leaf Looks Like Scream Mask