10 Moments When Disaster Was Just Around The Corner

We are lucky someone was around the corner to capture those moments.

#1 He’s about to get really dirty.

#2 What a cute picture, it’s a shame they won’t be able to smile any time soon.

#3 It’s a shame that a calm serene smile is about to be changed by a angry rage face.

#4 I foresee an end of relationship, a ruined dress and unintentional mooning.

#5 You may not win their hearts by this stunt but you’ll definitely leave an impression.

#6 It looked way easier when I was a kid.

#7 Even though someone’s about to get his ass kicked, he should be really proud about this picture.

#8 Every dog has his dark habits as you can see here.

#9 Ok, now tell me, why would you put your camera here in the first place?

#10 I believe he should start thinking about a career change, no one could recover from that.