Toddler Tries Soda For First Time and Her Reaction Is the Most Toddler Thing You’ll Ever See

Witnessing milestones is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. First steps, first words, first loose tooth that they aggressively wiggle right in your face to gross you out... Good times.

Well, now we can add "first sip of soda" to that list of eagerly anticipated childhood achievements, because if your kid's reaction is anywhere near as perfect as this toddler's, you're in for a treat.

What I love most about the seventeen second clip is that the whole thing is so incredibly toddlery, starting with the look on her face.

Mom can be heard in the video saying, “Go ahead, take a sip, Evie.” Toddlers refuse to believe anything you say because obviously they already know everything (insert gigantic eye roll), so naturally Evie’s looking at her mom like, “I don’t know, aren’t you the same person who once told me I’d like pureed carrots if I’d just try them?” Her poker face says she’ll go ahead and reserve judgement on the taste of soda for herself, thankyouverymuch.

Even in their most skeptical moments toddlers are curious creatures, though, so Evie gives it a whirl.

So far, so good. Every toddler knows that straws are fun, and if the rest of the people here at McDonald’s are drinking it, it must be…


I’m guessing the fizz is a bit of a shock; there’s no way to prepare for that sensation when you’ve been on milk and juice your whole life. Still, you’re not sure at this point in the video if the reaction is bad or good. It looks like a grimace, yet one time I gave my oldest son a bite of lemon and he made this same exact expression…and then ate the rest of the entire lemon like an apple. Completely dramatic but equally unreadable expressions are what toddlers are all about.

Deep breaths, Evie, deep breaths.

Is she drunk with joy now? About to throw up? Getting ready to sneeze? The jury’s still out at this point…

The grand finale is something you just have to see for yourself, but I challenge you to figure out whether her reaction means she hates the taste so much that she's trying to bend backwards out of her

I’m guessing it’s the latter, considering she goes straight back for another sip, even though the whole experience was obviously pretty overwhelming for her. Which figures. Toddlers don’t know what they like any better than the rest of us do. And for anyone worried about Evie having a little taste of Coke, after being (predictably) attacked on reddit for “poisoning” her baby with a McDonald’s soft drink, Evie’s mom explained, “If it’s any consolation to others, we rarely go to MD. It was a treat, and our children hardly ever drink soda, our oldest being 6 and she’s had maybe enough soda’s to count on 1 hand. This vid was just pure comedy gold, and Reddit gives me a lot of laughs so I thought I would share.” And we’re so glad you did — it was a treat for us all to see.