10 Funny Advertising Placement Fails That'll Make Your Day

When it comes to advertising, companies have to double and triple check everything they’re going to publish.

However, that is where their limits of control end, and once the ad is released into the wide world, strangest things can happen. For example, who could have thought that Dolce & Gabbana would be under attack again for an advertising campaign that have been banned eight years ago.

Another easy venue for advertising fails is, of course, the Internet, where the last thing a brand can control is what type of content is placed alongside their ad.

Starbucks Sliding Door Van Fail

Kitekat Cat Jesus

Mmm… Fabulous Ad Placement !

Don’t Let Them In

Les Miserables vs The Shining

Got a Giant Thirst?

Perfect CD Placement

Daniele Smith’s Wheels

Turkish Airline

Coca Cola Ad Placement Fail