Girl Misses Beach Trip With Her Friends, Hilariously Photoshops Into Their Pics Instead

When life gets in the way of plans with your friends, it's disappointing - especially when those plans involve a trip to the beach. When this girl's friends took a dreamy vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and she couldn't make it, she came up with a creative (and hilarious) way to make sure her presence was still felt.
With the help of a quick Photoshop session, she didn't have to feel left out when her friends' Insta-worthy pics of summer fun began rolling in. Though her edits are... Well, not exactly smooth, the symbolism they carry must have great meaning to her. "I think she did pretty good for doing it all on her phone. I can barley put in my signature when I have to pay with those phone apps," wrote Imgur user vixen30, the original poster of the doctored album and one of the (non-Photoshopped) vacationing friends in question.
How wonderful it is to live in an era where we can insert ourselves into any memory we please with a few correct clicks. Hopefully next time this girl gets the beach day she deserves!