Customer Goes To Chick-Fil-A. But When They Order, Keep Your Eyes On Cashier’s Hands

Cynthia Walker had faced her fair share of challenges in life. After being diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, the 22-year-old had to adapt to a life of including hearing and vision impairments as well as heart defects. The disease affects one in 10 thousand individuals, and Cynthia just happened to be one of those people. Going through life being misunderstood and facing the constant challenge to communicate with others could not have been easy for this young woman. When it came to eating out, her mother explained Cynthia was never able to order for herself without people staring at her in confusion.

However, when Cynthia and her mother stopped at the Chick-fil-A in Fayetteville, North Carolina, they were met with an unexpected surprise. A young woman named Taylor was working at the register that day and just happened to know sign language. In typical Chick-fil-A-employee fashion, Taylor was as kind as ever!

“Taylor did not miss a beat on greeting us with a warm smile, and asking my daughter first what she would like. My daughter was so surprised and happy,” Cynthia’s mother recalled. The young lady surely made Cynthia’s day through her kindness and ability to communicate without making anyone uncomfortable.

Chick-fil-A and its employees are constantly in the news for their kindness, consideration, and incredible attitude when it comes to serving others. Taylor is just another employee that is a tremendous example of the type of staff this chain restaurant chooses to hire.

Since the video of the encounter was taken, it has caught a ton of attention! With tens-of-thousands of likes and shares, the conversation between Taylor and Cynthia has gone viral. People love watching this tender-hearted cashier make yet another customer’s day! Little did Taylor know that learning sign language would lead to this kind of attention!


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